Philadelphia Hybrid Photography

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Let's Time Travel!


Eric PhotoA different take on the before and after concept. Exact same place, completely different eras.

Have you ever walked around town and seen one of those bronze boot scrapers next to old steps? Or one of those leftover marble blocks that were used to help people mount their horse? Or how about just walk down the street looking at buildings from the second floor up so you could appreciate the original architecture without seeing the first floor façade that’s been ruined by whatever store now occupies the property? Every time I walk the streets of Philadelphia I can’t help but wonder what it was like to walk these streets 100 years ago. To realize I’ve found the exact spot the original photographer stood 100 years ago to take the photo I’m about to replicate is an awesome feeling. Merging the past with the present in photos is the closest I can get to going back in time.   Facebook