Bronze boot scrapers next to old steps, marble blocks used to mount horses, cobblestone streets, authentic architecture... these are the things that catch my attention when I walk the streets of Philadelphia. I imagine the people, the sounds, the smells and the pace of the metropolis 100 years ago.

Philadelphia Hybrid Photography is my time machine. I find historic photographs and digitally merge them with photos I've taken from the exact same location. What's new? What's old? It's always fascinating to see how much has changed and, in many cases, how much has stayed the same.


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The Philly Hybrids are available as Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Posters and much more! Pick from a number of different sizes and price points. I have a huge Metal Print hanging in my house and it's a spectacular, vivid image that pops off the wall. I absolutely give that medium my recommendation.

If you can't decide on a print, the perfect coffee table book is also available! Over 100 pages of Philly Hybrids including a ton of historical tidbits that will interest even the non Philadelphian.

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